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Russia to create a National Internet filtering system that allows only WhiteListed sites

By 2020 Russia will launch a national web-filtering system, intended to protect children from the negative and dangerous content.

Denis Davydov, the head of the Secure Internet League, said that there are two versions of the project:

1. Traffic filtering in educational institutions.

2. Traffic filtering by default for all users.

With the second option users will be able to access unfiltered content, if they write a statement to provider or if they remove the checkbox in the account Settings.

Nowadays the League of Secure Internet has a "white list" of websites. It has more than 1 million resources.

Igor Ashmanov, IT businessman, thinks that the idea of "white lists" of websites is not viable. According to the expert, the system of "smart" operational filtering, which blocks prohibited content, is very important and necessary.

"We support the idea of ​​restricting children's access to unwanted content and have been working in this direction for a long time", the official representative of "MegaFon" Julia Dorokhina said.

- Christina

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