One of the biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb Hacked

Bithumb in South Korean is the biggest Cryptocurrency (4th place) exchange in the world.

On Thursday, 29 June 2017, users of Bithumb noticed that large amount of digital money were gone (mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum). And a day later, the company confirmed the security breach.

Representatives of Bithumb said that attackers managed to compromise the computer of an employee, and then they gained access to information about 31,800 users (3% of all user base). They stolen information includes email addresses, phone numbers.

The stolen data didn't allow direct access to the user's wallet. It is reported that the attackers used the stolen data to impersonate Bithumb employees and tricked victims into handing over their credentials.

The exact amount of damage is still unknown. Many users reported that they lost large amounts. For example, one of the victim told that he lost 10 million won (about ₹550000). However, Bithumb promised to pay 100,000 won for each victim (roughly ₹5500). Soon company will begin to reimburse the actual losses. Press reported that about 100 victims are preparing a collective lawsuit notwithstanding the refund.

- Christina

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