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Youku's 100 million accounts hacked and sold on Dark Web

Dark Web has now become a huge platform for selling hacked accounts details, this time Youku, a Chinese Video Service just like Youtube,  has become its prey. According to an exclusive report, the company's accounts are being sold on Dark web.

The Vendor selling is selling the database that was hacked back in 2016  by the name of ‘CosmicDark’, and they claim to have 100,759,591 user accounts details.

However, there was no report of any database hack in 2016. But, CosmicDark is selling the database which contains the YouKu's user accounts details for $300 (BTC 0.2559).

Though, the company has decrypted the Emails and Passwords with MD5 and SHA1 hashes.

A total of 552 sample accounts data provided by CosmicDark shows that most of the emails are based on,, and

Research done by the  shows that these encrypted passwords are already decrypted and available on the Internet.

But there is no indication that YouKu is aware of the breach or not. It seems that the users haven’t been notified about this hack and it poses a massive privacy problem.
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