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Samara region protected from cyber-threatening through FinCERT

The Department of information technologies and communications of Samara region (in the Russian Federation) had tied up with the FinCERT (center for monitoring and responding to computer attacks in the financial sphere of the General Directorate of protection and information security at Bank of Russia) and have information exchange agreement, according to REGNUM News Agency.

The press conference of the regional government explained that the bilateral cooperation between Samara region and FinCERT is meant for the exchange of information on the recorded Cyber attacks and trends of development of Cyber attacks vectors on information systems.

Informational warning for authorized official about the incidents of information security, indicators of compromise the systems, and also ongoing spam mailings and attempts to introduce malicious software, is organized.

The bilateral exchange of information has allowed to share experience in combating against modern cyber threats, to improve the level of competence and development of generic scenarios of recover from information security incidents.

As previously REGNUM reported, FinCERT collected, analyzed and disseminated of information on cyber attacks, developed recommendations to reflect cyber attacks, interacted with the FSB law enforcement and operative service. Main activity of FinCERT aimed at ensuring information security of organizations of credit and financial sphere.
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