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Russian cybersecurity researcher charged with treason for sharing info with US firms

A top cybersecurity researcher, Ruslan Stoyanov,  at  Kaspersky lab was arrested after he was allegedly charged with treason by Russian authorities. It is now reported that he allegedly passed the secret state documents to Verisign and other US companies.

In December, Stoyanov was arrested with two other  FSB officers, Sergei Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchayev,  in Moscow, after a Russian businessman accused them of treason.

According to an unnamed source, the allegations against three officials were first made in 2010 by a Russian businessman,  Pavel Vrublevsky, who is the founder of the online payment firm ChronoPay.

And in  December 2016, all three of them were arrested in response to those 2010 claims that the men had passed secrets on to American companies.

“I can confirm we (Chronopay) expect to be part of this case,” Vrublevsky told Reuters. “In 2010 we provided the FSB and other important Russian agencies with evidence that at least one FSB employee, as well as several other people, were involved in treason.”

Before his allegation, Vrublevsky himself was arrested and convicted for organizing a cyber attack on rival online payment company's website, ChronoPay.

After the news of the arrest of  Stoyanov, Kaspersky Lab released the following statement:

"The case against this employee does not involve Kaspersky Lab. The employee, who is Head of the Computer Incidents Teams, is under investigation for a period predating his employment at Kaspersky Lab. We do not possess details of the investigation."

"The work of Kaspersky Lab’s Computer Incidents Investigation Team is unaffected by these developments."
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