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Indian Embassy website in New York hacked

Indian Embassy inNew York  has been hacked and leaked by Kapustkiy on ( on Saturday.

The hacker published the two database named   indiacg3_cginewyork and information_schema which has total 13 tables, and in newyork_registration table, there are 418 entries. However there was a table named ''Newyork_contact'' which had 7000 entries, but the hacker didn't publish it because it had a lot of private information of the victims.

The columns in newyork_registration tables are first name, last name, email-id, and mobile number.
On his blog, he wrote: " Its me Kapustkiy, A few weeks ago I breached several websites that were related to the Indian S***Embassy. "

"So I thought they will fix all the vulnerable in there domains and also look at there other domains that maybe could have a simple ''SQLi'' vulnerable."

The reason behind this hack was that the admin did not pay heed to his previous warnings.  "I'm tired to report all the errors that I find in a there website that I decided to breach them, NOW FIX YOUR SECURITY F***** ADMINS!"

Last week only  Kapustiky has informed about the hack of  seven Indian embassy website in some parts of Europe and Africa.
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