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Microsoft opens first Cybersecurity Engagement Centre in India

Around the globe, everyone has been a victim of the cyber-attack directly or indirectly. To tackle this problem technology giant Microsoft has  launched a full-scale Cybersecurity Engagement Centre (CSEC) in India's capital city, New Delhi.

The establishment of the CSEC will be very helpful for the country like India which has more than 1.25 billion population. Recently only 3.2 million customers were affected as a leading bank's ATM machine has been infected by a malware.

However,  the centre will keep an eye on the cyberspace and will analyse how malware and viruses are spreading, from  where they originated and their level of threat. But they will be only in form of anonymous data. They will be investigated once Microsoft is tasked to do so by  law enforcement agencies or the aggrieved party.

Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman, Microsoft India, said, "At Microsoft, we put trust and security at the core of everything we do. India stands at an exciting threshold today as we embrace the power of mobile and cloud computing. Data is becoming the driver of growth and innovation across every sector and will catalyse the 4th industrial revolution. We believe the security of critical information is imperative for our corporate customers, just as it is vital to ensure security and privacy of citizen data and transactions."

According to the Microsoft,  over the last year, they have met more than 100 organisation to team up with the Microsoft cybersecurity engagement team. Their motto is to identify and respond to cyber threats in the country.

"We want to collaborate with our customers, our partners and with the government to combat cyber threat in India. As governments and enterprises embrace digital transformation and strive for resilience, a holistic and agile security platform is ever more critical," said Madhu Khatri, associate General Counsel, Microsoft India.
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