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Bitcoin alternative for music industry kicks off this week

An alternative for Bitcoin in the music industry, Kashcoin has announced the launch of their cryptocurrency which will focus on trading on multiple exchanges of the Music industry. The currency exchanges will kick off this week.

Kashcoin is created by Leor Dimant aka DJ Lethal who has been part of multi-platinum groups along with Justin Lally as a partner. It is represented by the symbol KASH for the music industry. It can be used by bands, in music concerts and festivals, to buy records, clothing and merchandise. Moreover, the users of Kashcoin will get special deals and VIP perks which are not available to regular people.

Kashcoin which is created for a niche aims to introduce music lovers, producers and artists to digital currency. The company is presently focusing on providing tools to merchants so that they can easily integrate Kashcoins into their existing payment solutions. Kashcoin wallets are being made available for all major operating systems and devices. The platform also announces the availability of premining for miners.

Kashcoin isn’t a replacement for Bitcoin as it intends to cater music industry segment satisfactorily before moving on to other fields.

Kashcoin Specifications:

Proofs: Network-Stake (PoS) – Anonymous Burn Destroy (PoBA)
Min Stake Time of 1 hour, Max Stake Time of 8 hours
PoW ended at Block 100.000, Mined 1,200,000 KASH
Minimum Transaction Fee: 0.01 KORE
RPC Port: 28555, P2Port: 28556
Confirmations: 10, Maturity: 30
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