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Russian Government websites hacked

Cyber attack has hit the Russian government bodies websites by a "professional" hackers,  the country's intelligence service agency, Federal Security Service (FSB)  says.

According to the FSB,  a "cyber-spying virus" was found in the networks of about 20 organisations.

The attack came just after Russia was accused over data breaches involving the Democratic Party in the US.

The FSB  has denied to name the one who is responsible for hacking Russian networks, but said the latest hack resembled "much-spoken-about" cyber-spying, without elaborating.

 The hack looks like it had been "planned and made professionally", and targeted state organisations, scientific and defence companies, as well as "country's critically important infrastructures".

"The malware allowed those responsible to switch on cameras and microphones within the computer, take screenshots and track what was being typed by monitoring keyboard strokes," the FSB said.

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