Twitter's bug could expose contact numbers of users

Micro-blogging website, Twitter had squashed its password recovery bug on Wednesday (February 17) which had affected its password recovery systems last week.

The bug which had affected the systems for about 24 hours had the intensity to extract a user’s personal information including the e-mail address and contact number.  

The company has notified affected users, though it’s believed to have impacted fewer than 10,000 of Twitter’s more than 320 million monthly active users.

If a user has no received a mail, then it implies that there account is safe.

The company would also call on law enforcement officials to investigate any users who they find exploited the security bug to access someone else’s account information.

The issue reminds of the practice what the company refers to as “good security hygiene,” including double authentication.

While the issue did not impact user security, it illustrates the trouble users face with protecting their own data. 

While users could have strong passwords, use two-factor authentication, and employ other security techniques but if a company’s network is hacked, there’s little customers can do but watch their information fall into the hands of malicious parties.


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