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Almost 2,000 Vodafone users “open to fraud” after details stolen

Almost 2,000 Vodafone users “open to fraud” after details stolen

A week after TalkTalk, a phone and broadband provider, attack incident came into light, Vodafone, a telecommunication provider, has confirmed nearly 2,000 of its customers have had their details accessed, which happened between Wednesday and Thursday last week.

The telecommunications giant reported that its 1,827 customers have had their accounts accessed, with criminals potentially accessing customers' names, their mobile phone numbers, bank sort codes and the last four digits of their bank account numbers.

However, Vodafone said its security protocols had been "fundamentally effective".

The company said that its systems had not been hacked and it had carried out “mitigating actions” so meant only a "handful" of customers had been subject to any fraudulent attempts to use their data.
A report published in BBC confirms that the accessed information have been used to try and access Vodafone users accounts were allegedly bought on the ‘dark web'.

The company has informed the affected users and other customers do not have to worry.

The company has suggested its users to be aware of phishing emails that appear to be from a trusted source and seek to gain personal details. Similarly, avoid giving out private details such as banking passwords, login details or account numbers.

A Vodafone spokesperson said the affected Vodafone accounts had been blocked and their banks notified.

He said that the National Crime Agency (NCA), the Information Commissioner's Office and Ofcom have been notified of the incident.

The NCA spokeswoman said, "The NCA can confirm that we have been contacted by Vodafone in relation to a compromise of customer data, and we are in dialogue with the company. Anyone who thinks they have been subject to attempted or successful fraud, or other online crime, should report it to action fraud at"
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