Hackers now target banks’ websites, mobile apps

Hackers from Deep Web, which also known as Deep Net, Invisible Web, or Hidden Web, and the portion of World Wide Web’s content which is not indexed by standard search engines, are now targeting India-based banks’ websites, mobile applications and online services, say cyber security experts.

According to a report published on Deccan Chronicle on 2 June, the hackers are disrupting banking operation by pulling down their websites, mobile applications and online services.
In the last two days, hackers have targeted online banking sites of various banks including City Union Bank (CUB), Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) and Vijaya Bank.

The new report says that in hit-list of the hackers obtained from onion site on Thursday, they said that they would target a mobile app of a leading private bank. Similarly, it would be the net banking of a nationalized bank.

J. Prasanna, Founder of Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation, told Deccan Chronicle that it could be a planned attack or a technical snag. But the attack hit-list accessed from the Deep Web hackers group indicates that the attack is scheduled.

He pointed out that it looked like an attack but people had to do serious investigation to confirm it. Bank managements often take such issues more seriously than they actually were.

S. Sekar, senior general manager at the CUB, told Deccan Chronicle that the server of the bank was down on Tuesday because of heavy traffic.

He said they were searching for the reason behind the problem. They also contacted the IT service provider.
The TMB was targeted on Wednesday morning by the hackers.

Arun Vasan , IT manager of the bank, told Deccan Chronicle the attack happened at the network level.
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