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The 64 bit version of NewPosThings malware is here

Old POS malware turns starts affecting 64 bit systems.
A new 64 bit version of NewPosThings, a point of sale malware, has come to light. The 32 bit version of NewPos Things was discovered by Arbor systems in September last year.

The recent developments were brought to light by Trend Micro's threat analyst, Jay Yaneza. They found the malware targeting 64 bit and higher systems, rather than the original 32 bit systems that were being affected initially.

According to SC Magazine, Taneza said, “Similar to the previous 32-bit version reported last year, the 64-bit sample is a multifunction Trojan that includes added functionalities and routines,” Yaneza wrote. “These include RAM scraper capabilities, keylogging routines, dumping virtual network computing (VNC) passwords, and information gathering.”

Researchers have noticed recently that the malware has been evolving continuously affecting more and more security based function in a POS machine.
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