Justin Bieber Twitter account hacked, malicious url tweeted

Justin Bieber official twitter account which has more than 50 million followers has been hijacked by attackers to spread spam links from the account.

The attacker posted a tweet saying "Justin Bieber Cemberut? [Malicious link] " ( Cemberut is Indonesian word, it means  'Sullen').

The shortened link provided in the tweet leads to a .tk domain 'rumahfollowers[.]tk'.  At the time of writing, we are not able to access the site.  So, we are not able to determine exactly what has been delivered to users.

More than 13k users have favorited the spam tweets and over 7,000 users have re-tweeted them.  It means thousands of users might have followed the link and affected by this spam.

It is worth to note that this is not the first time his account being hijacked by attackers.  We are not sure how this time the account get compromised by the attacker. 

His team managed to recover the account and posted saying " all good now, we handled it".

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