Turkmenistan Banks and Government websites hacked by Dr.SHA6H

A Syrian hacker with twitter handle "Dr.SHA6H" has hacked and defaced the official websites of two Turkmenistan state-owned commercial banks. The affected Banks are PrezidentBank (presidentbank.gov.tm) and Turkmenbashi Bank(tbbank.gov.tm).

The hacker managed to modify the contents of an article at PrezidentBank site and just wrote "Hacked By Dr.SHA6H" in the homepage.  The home page of Turkmenbashi Bank has also been modified by the hacker, he managed to place the message at the end of homepage.

The hacker didn't stop with these two bank websites defacement, he also breached few other government websites.

The affected websites includes Nowruz festival(www.nowruz.gov.tm ), Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Website(seysmostroy.gov.tm), Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan(cci.gov.tm).

Dr.SHA6H is known for government websites defacements.  At the end of last year, he defaced several Kerala Government websites and left the same message.
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