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Official websites of Daler Mehndi and Raghav hacked by Haxor 99

A Pakistani hacker with handle "Haxor 99" from Team MadLeets hacked Daler Mehndi official website and Raghav website.

A Pakistani hacker with handle "Haxor 99" from Team MadLeets, has hacked into the official website belong to Indian Pop singer "Daler Mehndi"- Known for his work on Rang De Basanti movie.

"your site security is compromised" The hacker wrote on the defacement page.  "Nothing Delete or Harmed...Rise a Voice for Justice of Kashimr.  Patch Your Site"

He also defaced the official website of Raghav Mathur - a Canadian singer.  The same message left in the defacement.

Affected websites:

At the time of writing, both websites are still defaced.  You can also check the mirror of the defacement here:
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