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Official website of Assam Rifles hacked by Pakistan Haxors CREW

Pakistan Haxors CREW has hacked into the official website of Assam Rifles and defaced the it(

Just few minutes ago, the Pakisani hacker group known as "Pakistan Haxors CREW" has hacked into the official website of Assam Rifles.

The main home page is not affected by this attack.   The hacker has just uploaded a html file 'phc.html' in the main website(

Hacker didn't provide much information on the defaced page except a short message saying "Security Breach! Admin Secure It Thankssss".

In their official facebook page, the hacker group said "We Have What We Want".  We are not sure what they mean by that,  whether they have obtained any sensitive information or just mentioning about the defacement. The mirror of the defacement is here " ".

According to the add-attack mirror record(, there is another group called "United Bangladesh Hackers" also defaced the website, just few hours before Pakistani hackers.

The same pakistani hacker group recently breached the Indian Railways website and uploaded their defacement.
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