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Brazil Government website hacked, redirected to malicious website

Brazil's City of Franca website compromised and redirected to malicious domain.
malicious javascript

Security Researcher at F-Secure has spotted a piece of malicious code injected in the official website of the City of Franca in São Paulo, Brazil(

Hackers managed to place a malicious javascript code in one of the javascript file which loads malicious flash object.  The flash object redirects visitors to a malicious domain.

Researcher didn't specify what exactly served in the malicious domain.

The website using outdated joomla version(1.5), Cybercriminals might have exploited any known vulnerabilities.  According to researchers, this is not the only Brazil government website using outdated CMS.

F-Secure has contacted the Brazil's  Computer Security and Incident Response Team - CTIR Gov and informed about the incident.
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