hacked and defaced by Turkguvenligi

A few minutes back, the OpenSSL website( got hacked and defaced by a hacker named " Turkguvenligi "

The home page of the OpenSSL replaced with a simple defacement text saying "TurkGuvenligiTurkSec Was Here @turkguvenligi + we love openssl _ ".

OpenSSL immediately took action and removed the defacement from the page.  The website has been restored at the time of writing.

You can still check the defacement at Zone-H: "".  It has also been archived in Web-archive: ""

It is still unknown how hacker gained access.  We are trying to reach the hacker.  Once we get a word from the hacker, the article will be updated here.

UPDATE: OpenSSL confirmed the site defacement and said "Source repositories verified and unaffected. More details on entry method in a future statement."
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