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Kerala Government websites hacked by Syrian Hacker 'Dr.SHA6H'

A Syrian Hacker using online handle 'Dr.SHA6H' hacked a number of Indian Kerala State Government websites and defaced them.
A Syrian Hacker using online handle 'Dr.SHA6H' who is known for his Government websites' hack, now started targeting Indian Government websites. Today, he hacked into a number of Indian Government sites and left them defaced.

The hacker claiming he is a Syrian who does not accept "the Syrian regime's actions of murder, rape and destruction with the support of most of the countries". He wants to save Syria from Hell.

Though it is still in question why he targeted Indian government, he left a message related to Syria in the defacement.

"Today, after looking at what faces ( Syria ) note most of the countries in the world do not want help Syria. There are a lot of countries all over the world enter the irrational intervention in the problems of other countries such as the
United States intervened in the problem ( Osama bin Laden ) Why .. !?" The defacement message reads.

"Now, America and other countries do not interfere in the problem of Syria Is
there an international interest with ( Bashar al-Assad ) .. !? Or economic interest
or is a political interest ( We do not understand ) .. We want answer all the countries of the world, there are children dying, women raped and houses destroyed."

The affected Indian sites are belong to the Kerala State Government websites.  The list of hacked websites are INSIGHT(, Kerala State Blood Transfusion Council(, Thiruvananthapuram Medical College(, Kerala State Planning Board(

The other affected sites are :
  • Right to Education Kerala(
  • Thiruvananthapuram(
  • Fisheries Network Information System(
  • Ombudsman For LSGI Kerala (
  •  Farm Information Bureau(
  • Arogyakeralam National Rural Health Mission Kerala Web Portal (,
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