Hackers steal 2 Million Facebook, Gmail, twitter accounts with Pony Botnet

Cyber criminals have stolen more than two Million facbeook, Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin and yahoo accounts with the help of Pony malware, according to report from Trustwave.

Security researchers at Trustwave gained access to the admin control panel of the "Pony botnet" which is storing a large amount stolen credentials from the infected machines.

According to their report, around 1,580,000 website login credentials, 320,000 email credentials, 41,000 FTP credentials were stolen.

Approximately 318121 facebook , 59549 yahoo, 54437 Google, 21708 Twitter login credentials were affected.

The most commonly used password is appeared to be the unsurprisingly the weakest one.  As usual, '123456' password keep it's position in the top.  The second & third is '123456789' and '1234' respectively.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other services is reportedly resetting the account's passwords.
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