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Creator of 'Mariposa botnet' sentenced to 58 months

A Slovenia hacker sentenced to 58 months, accused of author of one of the largest Known botnet "Mariposa", also known as Butterfly Botnet.

A Slovenia hacker accused of writing code of one of the largest known botnet "Mariposa botnet" and sentenced to 58 months by Slovenia court, BBC reports.

Mariposa(Spanish word for 'Butterfly') botnet is notorious botnet discovered in 2008 designed to steal sensitive information.

The botnet reportedly infected more than 12 million computers, used for Denial of service attacks, email spamming.

Matjaz Skorjanc, a 27-year-old, known with online name "Iserdo", was arrested in 2010 and found guilty of creating the malicious program and assisting others in wrongdoings and money laundering.

The court also ordered him to pay 3,000 euro($4,100) fine and give up a flat and a car that he bought with money earned by selling malicious program to a Spanish criminals.

His girlfriend "Nusa Coh", known with her IRC nickname "L0La" was also sentenced to 8 months probation for doing money laundering.
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