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Exclusive: hacked by Syrian Electronic Army, redirects to SEA website , international magazine website, hacked by Syrian Electronic army and redirected to hacker's website.
Syrian Electronic Army known for hacking high profile US based websites has once again come up with high profile website hack.

Today, the group hacked into VICE main website(, an US based international magazine focused on arts, culture, and news topics.

The hackers managed to gain access to the administration panel of the website and modified the website to redirect to hackers' website.

"Dear the @VICE, Your website was hacked in order to deliver a message" The tweet posted by the hackers reads.

They also published an article saying "Your website was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. This time we just deleted the article that you claimed in it that you exposed "Th3Pr0" identity. But you didn't. You published names of innocent people instead. The second time we will delete all your website"

Exclusive: The group provided us two screenshots of Gmail account belong to the Vice's employees. One of the account belong to the Developer of the Vice website who have full access to the website.

Even Though the developer got a warning about phishing attempt from his VICE cms manager, he fall into the trap of hackers.

They group also claimed to have hacked into the mailchimp account and managed to send mail to 33,000 subscribers.
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