Sun TV website hacked by Pakistan Hacker

Pakistani hacker known with online handle "Hasnain Haxor" who is recently being featured in news for his hacking attacks targeting TV Network has once again breached another top Tamilnadu TV channel network.

Sun Network is the latest victim of the hack.  The following Sun Network websites have been defaced in recent attack: Official Sun Network (, Fm websites(,, and

We aware of the recent incident where an Indian hacker has been arrested for Jaya TV website hack. 

However, the hacker who behind the Jaya TV website hack is from Pakistan defacing all other TV channel network and left a defacement message saying:

"We Are PHC ( PAKISTAN HAXORS CREW ) We Just Want Justice & Peace
I Hack AIADMAK website & jaya Tv So Kick Out That Innocent Kid From The Jail"
The same hacker recently hacked into Puthiya Thalamurai website and left the same defacement message.

In case, you are not able to see the defacement, you can check the defacement mirror here:  1.

All other hacking attempts done by the hacker has been mirrored here:
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