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Puthiyathalaimurai Website Hacked by same hacker as JavaTV and AIADMAK site .

A pakistani hacker by name "H4$N4!N H4XOR" belonging  to "Pakistan Haxors Crew" who hacked the JayaTV website and AIADMAK site before has now hacked the Puthiyathalaimurai website again and left the following message.

" Security Breach!
Hello Admin, I Hack AIADMAK website & jaya Tv So Kick Out That Innocent Kid From The Jail.
Your Site Security Is 0% And Easy To F***k,

He was talking about the recent arrest of  P. Eswaran by Central Crime Branch whom they arrested on suspicion of hacking the AIADMAK site. Eswaran said that he was only trying to fix the vulnerability and this hack seems to also  suggest that also. The pakistani hacker who initially posted  about the defaces is still active.

Though Eswaran was only trying to protect the website what he did is still illegal under section 66 of the IT Act . It would be very interesting to see how this case would play in court since it is the first of its kind.
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