MacRumors Forums hacked, 860,000+ users data compromised

MacRumors forums have been breached by hackers who managed to obtain the information belonging to 860106 users that includes hashed passwords.

"In situations like this, it's best to assume that your MacRumors Forum username, email address and (hashed) password is now known." Editorial Director Arnold Kim wrote.

The hacker who behind the attack also made a post in MacRumors forum regarding the breach saying "We're not 'mass cracking' the hashes. It doesn't take long whatsoever to run a hash through hashcat with a few dictionaries and salts, and get results."

Hackers also claimed that they are not going to use the compromised credentials to log into gmail, apple accounts or any other accounts unless they target users specifically for some reason.

"Stop worrying, and stop blaming it on Macrumors when it was your own fault for reusing passwords in the first place." the hacker added.

It appears hackers have gained access to the database by logging into the forum with the stolen credentials of a single moderator.
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