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Cyber Society of India wants to Ban Ethical Hacking course in India- Compares hackers to rapists

Cyber Society of India( opposes anyone teaching hacking and names hackers as criminals.

I was totally shocked when i heard the words came out from the President of Cyber Society of India( on local channel "Puthiya Thalaimurai'. The local channel covered a story about Ethical Hacking.

He told in the Puthiya Thalaimurai's interview that "Ethical hacking" is like ethical rape.  He asked "how one can claim it is legal by adding 'Ethical' word in front of Hacking".

He also added that "We are not doing rape in order to prevent rapes. Then, why we should do ethical hacking to prevent hacking?". 
It is ridiculous to compare ethical hackers with rapists. 

Here is Puthiya Thalaimurai's video covering Ethical Hacking (Tamil):

"I will say ban Internet, no Internet no Hacking we all will be safe. Even Pollution is increasing so shall we stop breathing????? " One hacker commented . " What I understand from my side is you should increase Cyber Forensics Courses so that we get good investigators."

"If you have good Cyber Forensics Investigators the crime rate will go down, and only those people will get enrolled to even Ethical Hacking Course who have good ethics as they know that if thet go wrong they will be arrested."

Yes, i agree with what hacker said.  An Ethical Hacking course with a cyber laws always produce a good ethical hackers.  We can't just simply ban ethical hacking course as India need more Ethical Hackers/PenTesters.  We just need to teach them cyber laws as well.

 "This is one of the most ridiculous discussions I have ever seen. Now guys will come and say don’t teach programming they will write virus" One cyber security expert comment.

"There is a great demand for “ethical” hackers all over the world and they are required to make cyber world secure. As its said in movie Spiderman “with great powers come great responsibilities” and should make kids understand the responsibilities associated with this great art."
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