Hacking Challenge : Hack Tresorit and get $25,000 Bounty


Hungarian developers Istvan Lam and Szilveszter Szebeni are offering $25,000 Bounty to any White hat hackers who can hack the layers of defenses protecting their startup "Tresorit" , VentureBeat reports.

Tresorit is intended to offer a truly secure cloud storage service where user's files, passwords, encryption keys never stored in unencrypted form - being referred as high-security alternative to DropBox.

"Files and some corresponding encryption keys can only be decrypted by the people you have explicitly shared with."

The site offers client-side encryption in which the encryption of files is performed before getting into the cloud.  The AES-256 standard is used for encrypting the files.

"All of our data centers employ physical security measures against intrusion, and are equipped with uninterruptible power and backup systems."
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