#Exclusive: Qatar DNS hacked by Syrian Electronic Army -Facebook, Google Defaced

It appears almost all hackers like to do DNS hijack attack instead of targeting the main target.  DNS hijack attacks allows them to deface high profile websites such as Google, Yahoo and more.

Now, the famous Syrian hacker group " Syrian electronic army " has also chosen "DNS hijack attack".  The group compromised the Qatar Domain registrar "registry.qa".

The hackers successfully managed to change the DNS records of high profile websites and defaced them.  The list of affected websites includes Government and Military websites, Google Qatar, Facebook Qatar, Vodafone Qatar and more websites.

At the time of writing, most of the websites are still showing the defacement page while other websites displaying "CPU Limit Exceeded" error message.

It is still in question how hackers break into the Qatar Registry portal whether a usual social engineering attack used by SEA or any other vulnerabilities.  We will update once we get a word from the group.

 We had talk with Syrian Electronic Army. The hackers told EHN that they have gained access to the registry administration by hacking 'domains.qa' and decrypting the passwords and then they logged to their emails.

"All the world know that Qatar is supporting the terrorists in Syria and today was the zero-day for them" SEA told EHN.

Exclusive screenshot

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