New Thriller Hacker Movie "DRAGON DAY" Set for November 1 Theatrical Release

New York, NY – Producers of DRAGON DAY announced that the political and psychological thriller will begin a limited release in theaters November 1.

Ex-NSA engineer Duke Evans and his wife and child try to rebuild a new life in a remote mountain town when without notice all power, communications, transportation and banking is shut down. Caught in the middle of an unprecedented cyber-attack, Duke and his family must rely upon a survivalist spirit and raw ingenuity to avoid lawless neighbors and an encroaching dictatorship that demands total loyalty. They cannot run. They cannot hide. How will they make it with food, water, and time running out?

The movie explores themes of the NSA, privacy, China, and the exploding national debt. Do we really believe that the national debt will simply go away? What happens when China asks Americans to pay, one way or another?

Dragon Day will premiere at the HackerHalted cyber-security event in Atlanta, GA on September 19-21 before a gathering of more than 1500 certified hackers who work to protect individuals, companies, and government from attacks.

The movie stars Ethan Flower (Parenthood, Die Hard 4), Osa Wallander, Jenn Gotzon (Doonby, Frost/Nixon), Scoot McNairy (Argo, Killing them Softly, Monsters), Eloy Mendez, William Knight, and Hope Laubach.

Directed, written, and produced by award-winning filmmaker Jeffrey Travis, Dragon Day is co-written and produced by Matt Patterson, executive produced by Steve Markham, and produced by Alex Sobol. Kazimir Boyle is the composer. Burning Myth Productions (Los Angeles, CA) and Matter Media Studios (Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA) developed and funded the projected.

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