White House Employees' personal email accounts hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

White House Employees fell victim to the Syrian electronic Army's Social Engineering attack - Their personal email accounts have been hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army.

According to nextgov report, three email accounts have been compromised.  The compromised accounts are further being used for sending phishing emails to other employees.

The report says victims received phishing emails "labeled to look like legitimate BBC or CNN articles -- direct users to an authentic-looking Gmail or Twitter login screen to access the news content. "

Speaking to E Hacking News, hackers said that their attempt to compromise the White House website is failed.  However, they have successfully compromised their twitter account passwords, hootsuite accounts.

"Dh4MZn6ZclWJ57n, O,#5+4m)PR4d-k[, 6^31<=l'5;g#.-4/;=!&1>Y/C, All are old passwords for the @whitehouse account, You were lucky this time." The latest tweet from SEA reads.

The group also leaked the Hootsuite email id and password.
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