Skrillex website hacked by "Eboz"

The Turkish hacker known by his handle "Eboz" who breached Pakistani NIC and left the top websites defaced has hacked into the Skrillex's website and defaced it with the same page used in the previous attacks.

Just few minutes before, the website which is belong to the Sonny John Moore,an American electronic musician and singer-songwriter(stage name: Skrillex).

The hacker left a message as follows.(translated)"Always there for me in my homeboys friend
Have not shot me with every breath. Hello friends who still live in're not dead!"

And there was a hidden text saying this :""Nothing to do with the site facebook twitter accounts yoktur.Hepsi no fake forum account. "

Which seems to say that he is still he still alive, has no FB or Twitter account and that the people claiming to be him are fake.

Skrillex kept his cool laughed it off and  did not seem that disturbed by the attack.

"Damn somebody hacked/jacked haha
— Sonny (@Skrillex)"

But Eboz would choose to attack Skrillex is a mystery to me. Maybe he just wanted a medium to convey his message and Skrillex's website was just a good medium for it.
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