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Simple Machines Forum website hacked & Users passwords compromised

Hackers gained access to Simple Machine Forum(SMF) after compromising one of the Admins password- User database has been stolen in the security breach.

Simple Machines Forum(SMF), one of the top free open Source forum software, has revealed that its official website was compromised by intruders on the 20th of July.

Hacker compromised one of the admins account password that allowed him to gain access to the database server which contains the users' data.

SMF admitted that user data has been compromised by saying "we are 100% sure that our user database has been stolen".   The stolen data includes password, personal messages and other info.

"This is !!NOT!! a security issue with the SMF software. If you are running the latest SMF version you have nothing to fear from this hack if you use different passwords." SMF said in their community page.

Users are urged to change the passwords.  If you have used the same password anywhere else, it is recommended to change the password there also.

According to the SMF report, the attackers get the admin password by hacking into another website where the admin is one of the member.  The admin is reportedly used the same password in their website also that helped the attackers to take advantage of.

This is just an example of why you shouldn't use the same password on multiple websites. We are thankful to one of EHN's Greek reader "IGuru" to inform us about the announcement .
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