Netherlands Domain Registrar SIDN websites hacked via SQL Injection

An unknown hackers have penetrated into the Netherlands Top domains registrar(.nl) SIDN and placed malicious files in a number of SIDN sites.

According to official statement, hackers have managed to breach the site by Exploiting a SQL Injection vulnerability in

To prevent further attack the organization shut down the web application and temporarily suspended the zone file publication.

"As a result of our precautionary action, some areas of the website that registrars use to download registrarship-related data have been unavailable since Tuesday".

In an email to registrars, SIDN reports the login credentials of Registrars' site have also been compromised in the Secueity breach.

The web interface users and users of the EPP interface urged to reset their password.

currently, they are investigating the security flaw that caused the security breach.
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