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PC World Philippines website hacked by Pinoy Vendetta

PC World Philippines website hacked by the hacker "4ntipatika" who created the Pinoy Vendetta hacktivist group

Users who try to access the PC World Philippines website have been invited with a pop up message "Security Breach".  The message followed by another pop up message "Hello Admin" and "Please Fix your System".

Following the pop-up messages, you will be redirected a page "" where it displays the "Pinoy Vendetta into your System.  Testing the Security".

Pinoy Vendetta is a Philippines hacktivists group which is reportedly created by two hackers named 'Hitman' and '4ntipatika' . 

At the end , the page displays the following message : "Sorry, You have been hacked by 4ntipatika". At the time of writing, we are still able to see the defaced page.

The news was first reported by local hacking news reporting site Pinoy Hack News.  However, the hackers didn't mention about the hack in their official facebook page.

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