Incapsula Login Protect - Boost Your Website Security with Two Factor Authentication

Exclusive: You want to Protect your Admin Panel and Feeling just a password is not good enough to secure your website? Here, Incapsula is introducing a newest security feature "Login Protect" to boost the Website Security.

Login Protect is a flexible and easy-to-integrate Two Factor Authentication solution. Incapsula clients can use it to deploy 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on any URL (or URL group).

With Login Protect you can:
  • Protect login to administrative areas (e.g., Wordpress or Joomla admin) 
  •  Protect remote access to corporate applications (e.g., employee portal, web mail)
  • Restrict access to sites or parts of a site (e.g., staging or invitation only areas)

Unlike other 2FA services, Login Protect's integration requires absolutely no coding, data base modification of usage of additional hardware (i.e. security keys).

All Incapsula clients, free or paid, will be able benefit from this new feature and the extra layer of protection it provides to their websites and web applications.

"By now, the need for Two Factor Authentication should be quite obvious. Still, many website owners and web developers shy away from 2FA, mostly due to the complexity of integration." Igal Zeifman, Incapsula Product Evangelist told EHN.

"We aim to change that by providing a flexible and easy-to-use 2FA solution – a solution that anyone can use to secure their login pages, internal portals, staging areas and web applications."
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