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Exclusive : Viber Support page hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army hacked into Viber Support page and left the website defaced saying 'Viber' is spying and tracking you
Viber is the latest App developer organization who fall victim to the Syrian Electronic Army's hacking attack.  Today, the Syrian Electronic Army(SEA) hacked into Viber Support Page and left the site defaced.

"The Israeli-based 'Viber' is spying and tracking you . We weren't able to hack all Viber systems, but most of it is designed for spying and tracking." Hackers said in the defaceemnt.

Defaced Viber Support Page

"Warning: If you have "Viber" app installed we advise you to delete it, more details on:  #SEA #SyrianElectronicArmy" The tweet reads.

Hackers also leaked list of name, Phone numbers and email address belong to Viber administrators in the defacement page. They also said that they have successfully downloaded some backups.

They also leaked a big screenshot that contains phone number, UDID, country, IP Address, Registration date and other details.

Speaking to E Hacking news, hackers said that they still have access to the System. Hackers also said that they have deleted the Viber System which is located at this address ""- The page is used for managing accounts.

Mirror of the defacement can be found here:

Earlier Today, They group hacked into Daily Dot website in order to remove an article about them.  The same group recently break into the TrueCaller , Tango app websites by exploiting outdated WordPress.
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