& University of Neoliberal Arts hacked by NullCrew


The hacker group Nullcrew is back with few University websites' security breaches.  Today, we have received a notification from the group saying they have hacked into the website belong to University of Neoliberal Arts.

The group provided us a link to the database leak of the hacked site : .  The leak contains the email address, password, name, address and Phone number details.

"To show our support of Anonymous" The hacker group stated as reason for the security breach.  According to the hacker's statement, the hacker exploited a SQL Injection vulnerability to compromise the database.

The crew also hacked into the Institute of Brazil website(  They announced the security breach in their Twitter account:

The leak contains email address, names, contact numbers.  It also includes more than 10 login id and password credentials. 
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