#OpTurkey: Hacktivists hit Turkey with massive Cyber attack

Turkey suffers massive cyber attack after several hacktivists started to participate in the ongoing hacking operation against Turkey government.  "#OpTurkey",the operation was launched in retaliation to the violent police response against protesters.

A hacker group from Turkey named TurkHackTeam has claimed to have breached ofmuftulugu.gov.tr and Mufti COUNTY CERKES (cerkesmuftulugu.gov.tr).

The group leaked some info from the server  :
 2. http://pastebin.com/CcGuBD9H

Even Syrian Electronic Army who usually target western media participated in the operation and breached Turkish Prime Minister(PM) and Turkish Ministry of Interior websites.

 The group left a message on the defacement page: "Syria and Turkey are one. We salute Turkey's brave protesters"
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