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Sky News Google Play account hacked by Syrian Hackers

Sky News Google Play account has been compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army. Hackers placed their logo in the google play account.
Syrian Electronic Army the Syrian hacker group who hijacks twitter&facebook accounts of western media compromised the Sky News' Google Play account.

Hackers placed their logo in the Google play account.  The group also changed the description of the app to "Syrian Electronic army was here".

You can still view the Syrian Electronic army logo at " … …"

It appears the SEA has compromised the google play developer account of SkyNews. Syrian Electronic Army gave us an exclusive screenshot showing that they have access to the Google Play developer console of Sky News where we can see all skynews apps. 

Exclusive Screenshot: Google play developer console

"All Sky's Android apps were hacked and replaced... please uninstall it, And we will let you know when it will be available" SkyNews confirmed the security breach.

This is the first team SEA has hijacked Google Play accounts. Usually, they hijack twitter and facebook accounts.  Recently the group compromised the twitter accounts of ITV News London, Telegraph , FT and more.
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