Pakistan Intelligence job board website defaced by Anonymous

A security flaw in, a pakistani job portal gave an opportunity to Anonymous hacker to gain access to their server.

Anonymous left the about us page "
" defaced with the text "hacked by anonymous "

"You b33n h4ck3d by #F**kYouSec. OHai all....time to look for a job using some other service...we haz ALL UR infoz...Y?... cuz i can...and U b33n sold out by poor security
" The message posted by the hacker.

The hackers also claimed to have leaked 2Gb of logs zipped into 24Mb file, uploaded to anonfiles website.

This is not the first time the site is being under the cyber attack. The same page was defaced in 2011. We are not sure whether the same vulnerability allowed him to gain the access.

Cyber War News analyzed the dump and found the leak contains personal data of individuals who registered in the portal which include name, contact info, job type and more. It also includes the login credentials of admin account.
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