#OpSaudi : Anonymous launched cyber attack on Saudi Government site

Saudi branch of Anonymous hacktivist has launched cyberattack on Saudi Government websites , the operation has been named as "#OpSaudi". Few government websites are facing heavy Distributed-denial-of-service(DDOS) attack from the Anonymous.

The affected government sites include Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(mofa.gov.sa), The Ministry of Finance(mof.gov.sa), General Intelligence Presidency(gip.gov.sa ).

gosi.gov.sa, Riyadh Region Traffic(www.rt.gov.sa), hrc.gov.sa are also being targeted by the hackers.

The Anonymous saudi also claimed they have gained access to the server of Qassim Region Traffic website(q-t.gov.sa/h.asp) and deleted the database. 

General Directorate of Education in Jeddah website fell victim to the cyber attack.  Hackers identified and exploited the SQL Injection vulnerability in feenakhair.jedu.gov.sa.

"saudi people like slave for the gov , and 2 days ago a saudi prince kidnapped a girl & raped her . then killed her and throw her body naked" Anonymous Saudi stated as reason for the cyber attack. 
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