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ITV News London Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

ITV News London Twitter account hijacked by the Syrian Electronic Army who are known for their high profile social media account hijacks.
I said few days ago the two-step authentication feature will stop Syrian Electronic Army from hacking the Twitter accounts.  Yesterday Twitter enabled the Two-step authentication security feature that prompts you to enter the temporarily generated password sent to your phone.  You can login to the account only if you provide the correct password.

It appears the ITV News London fails to enable this feature in their account that allowed the SEA team to get in.  Today, Syrian electronic army hijacked the @itvlondon.

As usual, they posted some fake tweets from the hijacked account.

"Cameron cuts education funding, triples aid to Syrian rebels: "Israel's long security is the UK's first priority"." one of the fake tweet posted by the SEA reads.

"Just kidding.  The syrian Electronic Army was here. #SEA" another tweet reads.

The account seems to be recovered by the admin at the time of writing but the Syrian Electronic army and EHN's reader provided the screenshots for the hack.

The screenshot provided by SEA(click the image for full-size image)

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