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Financial Times (FT) twitter accounts and website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic army has hacked almost all twitter belong to Financial Times and has made two posts in
The Financial Times is the latest news organization to fall victim to the Syrian Electronic Army - The Social engineering masterminds.  The group hijacked more than 15 twitter accounts belong to the FT.

"Syrian Electronic Army Was Here via @Official_SEA12 #SEA | " few minutes ago, the SEA tweeted from the hacked ft accounts.

The hacker also made two posts on the technology blog with the title "Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army".  The posts have been removed at the time of writing.

The list of hacked twitter accounts:
10. @ftwestminister
11. @ftuselections
12.@ ftvideo
13.@ ftuseconomy
14. @fttheworld
15. @thelexcolumn
16.chief correspondent (@meganmurp)

*Update: 8.50PM(GMT+5.30) : It appears the hijacked account has been recovered by the FT Team.

"Today various FT Twitter accounts and one FT blog (not more as previously stated) were compromised by hackers. We have now secured those accounts are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."One of the tweet from @FTPressOffice reads.

The same group recently the hijacked the twitter accounts of Guardian, E! News, BBC, The Onion and Associated Press.
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