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Atlantic Bank, Fidelity Bank Ghana and few other sites hacked by Sepo

A hacker with twitter handle @anon_4freedom a.k.a "sepo" hacked into multiple Bank websites and leaked the database ,server details

A hacker with twitter handle @anon_4freedom a.k.a "sepo" who has been quite for some time, has come with some interesting hacks.  Today he hacked into multiple Bank websites.

 The list of affected websites includes Atlantic Bank Group (, Fidelity Bank Ghana(,Italian Labour Union (, Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana (

The hacker managed to identify the SQL injection vulnerabilities that allowed him to gain access to the database server.  At EHN, we have verified the vulnerability.   

All leaks ( just contain server details, database details such as Database username, OS, Database name, SQL version  and Host IP.  It also contains the list of table names.

Hacker didn't the leak the personal data of users because he don't like to expose the normal people's data.
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