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@1923Turkz hits Jharkhand police website

Jharkhand , India police website database server claimed to be breached by a hacker 1923Turkz who randomly target high profile websites.
*Update: 1923Turkz is one of the fake claimer.  We have confirmed the leak is fake one.

The attack was announced in his twitter account. He provided an anonpaste link that reportedly contains the database dump of the

The leak includes login credentials of more than 20 accounts.  It contains the email addresses and passwords.  I'm not able to believe my eyes when i read the password list. All of them are using "123" as password.

Jharkhand police is the only police dept. in India that recently launched a facility for Responsible disclosure where bug hunters can safely report their vulnerability finding.

*Update*: The hacker didn't provide any valid POC that proves his claim.  It is more likely to be fake one.
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