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Pakistani Government under cyber attack from hacker 'Godzilla'

Pakistani Government lost access to their Proxy network after the security breach, faces heavy cyber attack from Indian Hacker Godzilla.

It is third day since the Indian hacker "Godzilla" took control of the Proxy used by Pakistan Government websites, Pakistan temporarily lost access to their proxy network.

Today, the hacker claimed to have got access of the back up server and found the back up server is also saved in the same network. 

He also found that the is not running but just pretending that they are up.

"One thing is true Pakistan is good at pretending like nothing happened, let it be a cyber attack or a TERRORIST attack. " The hacker said.

We have also checked the website by clicking the login button, it just redirects to an IP address( that was used by Pakistan government when they didn't have proxy system.

The IP address is down now because the govt have made it down long time when they shifted to proxy network.

Hacker also said he is extracting the data from the Database.  Once he finished the extracted the data, he will take down the rest of IPs .

Pakistan Datatbase dumped :
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