Pakistani Army and Government of Pakistan sites hacked by Indian Hacker

An Indian Hacker with online handle "Godzilla" has claimed to have breached the Pakistan Army( and the main Government websites(

In a screenshot given to EHN, the hacker showed that he gained access to admin panel of  HILAL MAGZINE page maintained by Pakistan Army as Administrator.

Admin panel of Pakistan Army

The hacker also claimed to have crashed a proxy used by Pakistan Government websites for encrypting the URL.

At the time of writing, the main page shows the following error message: "Error 404: Initialization of one or more services failed. ".

" U thought that the proxy would stop us. Dont play with proxy if u dont know how to configure it." The hacker said.

This is not the first time the Pakistan Army site is being hacked.  The hacker claims to have hacked the Pakistan army before itself.  Earlier this year,  one of the Tunisian hackers "Human Mind Cracker" also hacked the Pakistan Army site by exploiting the SQL Injection vulnreability.
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