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#opBlackSummer: Two US Petroleum companies websites breached by AQEA & TCA

Al-Qaeda Electronic Army and Tunisian Army hacked Chevron Corporation and Oceaneering International .

Al-Qaeda Electronic Army and Tunisian Army recently attacked several U.S. Government websites as part of their operation called "#opBlackSummer" - an operation against America.

Now the hackers took their operation to next level by launching cyber attack against Petroleum and Gas companies.  Yesterday, EHN got notification that the Team breached the two U.S. Petroleum websites.

They identified the SQL Injection vulnerability in the websites belong to "Chevron Corporation( -an American multinational energy corporation  " and "Oceaneering International, Inc( a subsea engineering and applied technology company based in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.".  We have verified the existence of the vulnerability.

The team managed to exploit this vulnerability and extracted sensitive data from the target databases. The hacker said to have compromised important data including email addresses, passwords, and 270 IP address belong to Companies' computers. 

The hackers claim they will send these IP address details to their Chinese hackers team to do some malicious work.

TCA said this operation will continue till September.  The hackers said they are planning to "give a great surprise for the USA" on 11th Septemebr (9/11), the date on which al-Qaeda hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States.
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