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An Interview with Syrian Electronic Army hacktivists

Today, E Hacking News interviewed the famous Syrian hacktivists "Syrian Electronic Army". Syrian Electronic Army recently hacked

Today, E Hacking News interviewed the famous Syrian hacktivists "Syrian Electronic Army". The Syrian Electronic Army recently hacked Twitter accounts of Fracne24, Qatar Foundation and AFP. 

*. Please introduce yourself to EHN readers
i'm a Syrian hacker called "The Pro", The leader of special operations department in the Syrian Electronic Army

Tell me something about your Team
The Syrian Electronic Army is a group of Syrian youth who are trying to defend their country against the media campaign against Syria
our mission is spread the truth about what is really happening in Syria

*. What are SEA's objectives?
we attack the media channels who are involved in what is happening in Syria
we spread the truth and publish our message to the world
the enemies of Syria are using the media as a tool to destroy Syria

*. Why did you choose to become a hacktivist? What are your thoughts on hacktivism?
you know that more than 200 channels are covering the Syria crisis
the Syrian media are doing great but
the "bloody" media more stronger than it
so we choose the hacking way
to use their accounts,websites,emails
as a weapon in our hand
every channel have its followers
so we try to gave this followers the truth
instead of lying all the time

*. what kind of method you use for attacking websites?
we use many methods to attack the websites
attacking the host server ... and targeting the domain owner for exmaple
and for the social media accounts
we attack the mail server
like Skynews arabia and AFP

*. How many websites you hacked so far?
we hacked too many websites, but there are a very secure and powerful websites and there are normal websites

*. What is your next target? How do you choose your targets?
all the enemies of Syria are targets for us
governments,media channels, websites ....

*. Are you afraid of getting caught?
we are not doing something bad to get caught
we are defending our country
but we have 2 martyrs until now
 killed by the "Free" army that pretends to represent to the world they are "peaceful" opposition

*. Is there anything else you would like to add?
no thanks
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